Policies and Protocols


  • – In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are taking the necessary steps and added precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers.
  • – We are a government-inspected facility.
  • – All employees are wearing masks and gloves from receiving and production to storage and shipping.
  • – Our documentation process abides by the Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards.
  • – Our entire plant and equipment are washed and sterilized by a commercial food sanitation company daily.


  • – All orders must be processed online (orders cannot be placed over the phone.)
  • – We are offering delivery to certain areas in the GTA as well as curbside pickup at the facility. Click here for delivery details.
  • – We reserve the right to increase or decrease pricing based on changing market influences.
  • – All claims must be made within 24hours.
  • – All sales are final.


  • – There is a maximum amount of orders that can be processed daily. Deliveries will be made on Wednesday- Friday between 11 am – 7 pm. If you are unable to get your preferred date, please select an alternative date.
  • – You may specify at the time of ordering your preferred window of delivery. We will do our best to accommodate this, but there is no guarantee. (Customer can add this in the comments section of their order.)
  • – All product is delivered frozen.
  • – Free delivery on orders over $285!
  • – You will receive 2 text from the driver.
    • The first will give you a timeframe of when your order will arrive
    • The second will update you on when the order is approximately 30 minutes away.
  • – Kindly note all condo and apartment deliveries will be delivered at front entrance [client must accept delivery at main entrance]
  • – Our driver will take a photo of the delivered product as proof that the product has reached its destination.
  • – If you have any additional questions, please email us at info@tarafoods.ca.

Curbside Pickup

  • – When you arrive at the facility, park in the designated area, and call 416-913-3331 to let us know that you are waiting. A staff member will safely bring out your order.

Information We Collect:

  • – Name
  • – Email Address
  • – Phone Number
  • – Delivery Address (where applicable)

PLEASE NOTE: This information is NOT SHARED, RENTED or SOLD to any 3rd parties.

Zone 1

L4H, L6A, L4L, L4K, M9V, M9L, M3N, M3J, M9M, M3I, M3K, M3M, M9W

Zone 2

L7A, L6Z, L6R, L6P, L6X, L6V, L6S, L6Y, L6W, L6T, L5N, L5W, L5T, L5P, L5S, L4T, L4V

Zone 3

L5M, L5V, LSR, L4Z, L4W, M9C, L5L, L5C, L5B, L5A, L4Y, L4X, L5K, L5H, L5G, L5E, L5J

Zone 4

M9R, M9P, M9N, M9B, M9A, M8Z, M8X, M8W, M8V, M8Y

Zone 5

L4E, L4S, L4C, L4B, L4J, L3T, M2R, M2M, M2H, M3H, M2N, M2K

Zone 6

M6L, M6A, M5M, M2P, M2L, M3B, M4N, M4R, M4P, M59, M6B, M6M, M6N, M6E, M6C, M4G, M3C, M4A, M4B, M4H, M4T, M4V, M6G, M6H, M6P, M6S, M6R, M6J, M6K, M5V, M5T, M5S, M4Y, M4X, M5G, M5B, M5J, M5E, M5J, M5A, M4M, M4L, M4E

Zone 7

L6C, L6E, L3R, L3P, L6G, L3S, M1W, M1V, M2J, M1T, M1S

Zone 8

L6B, M1X, M1B, M1G, M1E, M1C

Zone 9

M3A, M1R, M1P, M1H, M1L, M1K, M1J, M1N, M1M